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Exam Track

Pairing Exams with UIUC Classes
Course 1(CAS) / Exam P (SOA - Probability) -- Math 408
Course 2(CAS) / Exam FM (SOA - Financial Mathematics) -- Math 210
Course 3L(CAS) / Exam MLC (SOA - Actuarial Models-Life Contingencies) -- Math 471 and 472
Course 3F(CAS) / Exam MFE (SOA - Actuarial Models - Financial Economics) -- Math 476
Course 4(CAS) / Exam C (SOA - Consturction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models) -- Math 478
To stay up-to-date with exam changes by both the SOA and CAS, please visit their respective websites.

Interested in Becoming an Actuary?

There's alot that goes in to becoming an actuary. Actuaries come in many forms, and different types of actuaries do vastly different jobs. We recommend that if you are interested in pursuing a career as an actuary, that you visit the Be An Actuary website . There, many of your questions will be answered.